Best Free ClickFunnels® Training Course – Updated For 2019

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One of my favorite marketing tools that I use daily in my business is ClickFunnels®. It’s overall an amazing tool to create highly effective sales funnels, membership sites, landing pages, etc…. That said, I know a lot of people struggle with the “learning curve” when they first get started, so why not share with you my favorite free ClickFunnels® training course.


What Is The Best Free ClickFunnels® Training Course?

ClickFunnels® can be a complicated software to use when you are a novice. While the page editor is incredibly easy to use, it’s all the smaller things that can overwhelm you. I remember when I first started using it, I spent hours attempting to build my first sales funnel.

The training provided by the team at ClickFunnels® (CF) has gotten far better over the years since then, however the documents may be hard to find if you don’t know how to articulate your problem when searching through the provided “Knowledge Base”.

Because of this, most people turn to other members inside the official Facebook Group, go to YouTube for help or learn on the fly through trial and error… which can certainly take a long time!

The best option to learn CF is to have access to an “all in one” training course that covers not only the basics, but also advanced features, tips & tricks and more.

So the question you are probably wondering now is, where would you find access to a ClickFunnels® training course, and if you did find one, would it be free?  Well look no further!

Free ClickFunnels Training Course

The CF Power Course

The CF Power Course is by far the best free ClickFunnels® training course available.


Alright, so I might be a little biased in that statement considering I created it. HOWEVER, I do have over 3 years experience using the software, including a years worth of experience actually working for ClickFunnels® as a Technical Support Agent.

If you want the best ClickFunnels® training course, get it from a (former) Technical Support Agent!

I created the CF Power Course with the everyday user in mind. Each individual video lesson (25+ and growing) is easy to follow and walks you through exactly how a technical support agent would. From navigating the dashboard to creating your first membership or sales funnel, this training course will help you.

The course is also not some outdated training that no longer makes sense. Whenever there are major updates to the software, I do my best to re-record updated tutorial videos.

Again, the CF Power Course is a FREE ClickFunnels® Training Course, so if you haven’t already, go check it out! I’ve had countless people reach out telling me how great it is, how much time it’s saved them, etc….

You can also find some of the video lessons on YouTube, however the good stuff is only found inside the course 😉.

Whitelabel ClickFunnels® Training Course

What if you had your own ClickFunnels® training course that you could resell and/or give away as a bonus to your affiliate referrals?

Yup that’s right! You can purchase Whitelabel Rights to the CF Power Course and immediately get an up-to-date replica to import into your account (login to the training and navigate to the “Whitelabel Rights” section).

With this, you can completely customize it to your own brand and audience. Add your own training, affiliate links, products, etc…. Purchasing Whitelabel Rights will literally save you weeks of time that it would take to go and create your own ClickFunnels® training course.

Also, if you’re promoting CF as an affiliate, offering access to an all encompassing training course that’s designed to help them learn and succeed with the software is the BEST BONUS you can provide.

The key to affiliate referral retention!

Think about it: The quicker your referrals learn how to use the software, the more likely they are to start profiting from implementing it into their businesses and less likely to leave!

What you get with Whitelabel Rights:

  • Replica membership site: 1 click import to your account
  • Claim full ownership as if it was your own
  • Videos are unbranded (no face, names or branded video intro animations)
  • Video source files AND Vimeo video links
  • 1 year full access to update content in the main course

If you’re still not sure about getting the Whitelabel Rights, just see some of the testimonials I’ve received:

best clickfunnels training testimonials
Purchase Whitelabel Rights(Create Your Free Account & Navigate to “Whitelabel” Lesson)


Other Recommended ClickFunnels® Training Courses

While I know the CF Power Course is great, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention other training courses that are also available to you. Some of the courses listed below may cost you money, however they are all great courses.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a free, easy to follow and in-depth training course for understanding ClickFunnels®, then the CF Power Course is what you need. You can access it here.

Please leave your thoughts below on if you like and would recommend the CF Power Course, or if I missed any other really good training courses available.

As always, thanks for reading!

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