Marketing Boost Review 2019 (Formerly Advertising Boost)

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What is Marketing Boost (formerly known as Advertising Boost)?

Welcome to my Marketing Boost Review for 2019!  Updated: 12/12/2019

Marketing Boost is an incentive based marketing company. It allows its members to offer complimentary vacations, hotel savings and restaurant gift cards to their customers and clients.

Marketing Boost Review Vacation Voucher Example
Example of a Printed Vacation Voucher from Marketing Boost

This amazing program is a great way for business owners, advertisers and marketers to increase the value of a product or service without increasing the actual costs associated.

Marketing Boost is the perfect tool to use to offer your customers and clients awesome and unique bonuses that would be incredibly difficult for your competition to match.


How Does The Program Work?

Marketing Boosts works directly with a leading travel company to help fill otherwise empty rooms at resorts and hotels all across the World.

As a member, you have the ability to offer complimentary “vouchers” for these resorts to your potential customers/clients. The only fees associated that your customers would be required to pay would be any resort fees and local taxes.

Watch Demo: Click here to see a full demo of how Marketing Boost works.


Who is Marketing Boost for?

Marketing Boost is perfect for anyone looking to explode their profits without increasing their advertising budgets. Marketing Boost members include Business Owners, Affiliate Marketers, Sales Managers, Real Estate Agents, etc…

Therefor, no matter your niche, YOU can use Marketing Boost to increase your profits!

Try Marketing Boost – 7 Day Trial

How Much Does Marketing Boost Cost?

There are 3 different packages that one can choose from.

Marketing Boost Pricing
Click here to review the differences

The most popular package would be the “Gold” option.
This package will allow you to give away unlimited vacation, hotel and restaurant vouchers.

For about $133/month (paid annually), this is an absolute steal and a marketer’s dream. A few sales, or even one sale, for the whole year could cover the cost of this tool.

The Gold package is what I currently use in my marketing business. And as an example of how easy it is to make your money back, check out my results below.

If you are acting as an Agency or have more than 1 business, you’ll want to get the “Platinum” package. With this package, you can still give away unlimited vouchers, however the big difference is that you can have up to 5 different businesses. This package costs $2497.

Finally, if you simply want to get your feet wet, you can choose the “Silver” package. This package costs about $66/month. With this package however, you are limited to giving away up to 10 vouchers per month.

This obviously limits your ability to scale, so I would recommend choosing the Gold option instead.

Overall, getting Marketing Boost is in investment in yourself and your business. In my opinion, this tool is “too cheap” considering how much value (and profit) it can add when implemented correctly into your business.


Is Marketing Boost Worth it?

Here’s a hypothetical question you should ask yourself, that should make this answer very clear.

If you invested in Marketing Boost today, and all you made was an additional 10% in profit over the course of the year using Marketing Boost, would spending that $1597 to make that happen be worth it to you?


Is Marketing Boost a Scam?

When people first hear about Marketing Boost, they often think that it is “too good to be true”. But in reality, large corporations have been using this method of “incentive based marketing” for years!

  • Any fees associated with the redemption of the vouchers are clearly stated (ie: resort fees and local taxes).
  • There are no timeshare presentations required to attend and no other special requirements in order for these vouchers to be redeemed.

To answer the question… No, Marketing Boost is NOT a scam!

It simply is a great tool that I believe every marketer and business owner should use to improve their conversions and make more sales. You can see real Marketing Boost Testimonials here.


My Results From Using This In My Business

marketing boost 20k club

Here you can see an image of me wearing the “Advertising Boost $20k Club” T-shirt. That means that I had earned over $20,000 utilizing the Marketing Boost (formerly Advertising Boost) incentives.

I managed to accomplish this in a 2 week time frame by adding the vacation vouchers to an affiliate offer I was promoting. Because of my results in this program, I not only hit the “$20k Club” for Marketing Boost, but I also was invited to an exclusive affiliate appreciation party where I met Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson and some other amazing entrepreneurs.

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Does Marketing Boost Have an Affiliate Program?

If you’re a marketer reading this Marketing Boost review, you are probably asking, does Marketing Boost have an affiliate program?

The answer is YES!

Marketing Boost has a great affiliate program and even a dream car bonus!

You can sign up as an affiliate for Marketing Boost for free by clicking here.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 40% commissions from each person you refer that joins Marketing Boost. If you want to earn even more commissions, I would suggest becoming a Marketing Boost member yourself so you can also earn commissions from the “activation” of the vacation vouchers you give away.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I would give Marketing Boost a solid 9/10 as far as Marketing Tools go.

Highly recommend trying out this program for your business, especially if you are looking for a way to offer unique and valuable bonuses.

Thank you for reading and please check out the Marketing Boost Review video I posted on YouTube!


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    • There are no requirements to watch any presentation or pitch in order to redeem and use their vacation. At some locations, they are offered the opportunity to watch a presentation and in return, receive a free upgrade to their stay. The only requirements to redeem the vacation are the local/government taxes and any applicable resort fees (since unfortunately you can’t avoid taxes!).


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