Hello There!

I’m Brian Schwarze

I’m just a simple digital marketing guy who specializes in affiliate marketing.  While building my affiliate marketing legacy, I also use my digital marketing knowledge to help grow my client’s businesses through my marketing agency: Legendary Success LLC. 

But I wasn’t always interested in marketing. In fact, I never really thought I would own my own business. Heck, I have a college degree in Criminal Justice and Loss Prevention Management (which has been sitting in a dusty manila envelope inside a desk draw since my graduation)

How Did I Get Into Marketing?

It’s a long story, so I’ll keep it short. Junior year of college I got involved in a Network Marketing (MLM) Company. I spent 1.5 years attempting to make it a full time business, but never succeeded.

I did however learn a lot of important entrepreneurial skills and more importantly…

…I discovered my desire for creating a full time passive income using the internet.

Fast forward to after college where I worked retail for 2 years. I hated it. 

But I knew that growing a “passive” income online would take a lot of work. So after my typical daily shift working 10-6, I would go home and work until 12 or 1am on my business. The “Grind” was real. 

I eventually found this free affiliate training called The Affiliate Bootcamp. 

The training inside was a great introduction to where I was headed in this crazy online marketing space, and is what eventually led me to find a fantastic paid training course from a 7 figure earner which changed my life. 

What was that course? 

Affiliate Secrets from my friend Spencer. 

Inside, I quickly learned the strategies and path I needed to take in order to explode my earnings and truly start creating a passive income. I implemented immediately and within 2 months, I was steadily earning $100/day commissions, which was MORE than what I was making at my 9-5 job!  

After another 8 or 9 months, I was making enough to quit my retail job, so I did.

1 year to the day after quitting, I had my first 5 figure day.

And in that same 2 weeks, I earned MORE than I would have working 40 hour weeks for an entire year at my job. 

Some Income Proof… 

Before I share my results, please keep in mind that these are just that, my results. I am in no way promising or guaranteeing that you can also achieve these results. I am simply sharing this with you to show some transparency. 

Alright, now that the needed disclaimer is out of the way, take a look the photo below which shows just a little bit of what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far in my affiliate marketing career (~2 years). 

Now the numbers above certainly aren’t the biggest affiliate commissions. In fact, I know a lot of people who earn well over 6 and 7 figures with affiliate marketing. 

What these numbers do you show however is how ANYONE can become an affiliate marketer and over time, grow their business into a full time income. 

And even if you don’t want to make affiliate marketing your full time career, what would an extra $500/month do for you?  What about an extra $100/day?  

How Can You Start Affiliate Marketing? 

Like I said above, ANYONE can start an affiliate marketing side hustle.

The barrier to enter is virtually nothing. All you need is a computer with internet and some guidance. Of course the more training you invest in early on, the less time it will take you to figure it all out on your own.

This is why I would highly recommend investing in at least some training as a beginner. Below are a few of my favorite affiliate & online marketing training courses (click the links for my full review):

  • The Affiliate Bootcamp – Free training to get your feet wet on the concepts. (Also recommend the One Funnel Away Challenge offer inside of it.)
  • Affiliate Secrets 2.0 – The course that changed my life! While Spencer does cover the basics, I would say this training should be reserved for those ready to go “all in” with creating an income in affiliate marketing.

How You Can Learn From Me 

If you want to follow my marketing journey and learn from not only my wins, but also my mistakes, be sure to connect and follow along everywhere listed below!

These will be the places I share the most valuable content:

  1. This Blog Of Course!
  2. My Free Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
  3. My YouTube Channel

Products & Miscellaneous Websites Of Mine 

Below you can find the different products I’ve created as well as links to the different “niche websites” I am working on building to expand my reach.

  •  The CF Power Course – This is the #1 Free ClickFunnels Training available. Inside you can also purchase Whitelabel Rights which makes the perfect bonus for anyone promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

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